Wild Ravens Series

The Wild Ravens series is an homage to traditional wild ales, with stylistic influences and processes borrowed from both old and new world. A variety of fermentation and maturation techniques are employed to create complex beers primarily featuring funk and acidity, with bottle re-fermentation offering exciting cellaring potential and flavour evolution.

Champagne-style 750ml bottles feature artwork recalling the “3 Ravens” legend as documented by our co-founder and original brewer Ben Pattison. As the story goes, Odin sent his two loyal ravens on a mission to identify the secret to human happiness, so he could create a potion to alleviate him of his duties – and allow him to take an extended vacation. Loki got wind of this and sent his prankster raven Jack along to spy on and troll them. Long story short Loki ended up joining Odin’s gang, introducing the elements of creativity and imagination (Hugin & Munin are known for boring practical things like Sight and Memory/Knowledge) – akin to a third eye – reflecting our own story as an Engineering company venturing into the brewing world.