Melbourne Beer and Coffee Festival

Melbourne Beer and Coffee Festival

Really, there’s not much else that us Melbournites love more than great coffee and great beer. Behold, On The Bend / On The Mend. Melbourne’s first dedicated Beer and Coffee Festival.

To be held on Sunday 2nd April 2017 at 3 Ravens Brewery in Thornbury, the event will feature six local breweries and six local coffee roasters collaborating on beers that feature coffee as a key ingredient. The day will also feature live music, coffee and beer workshops, and a raclette cheese bar.


With Aviary Coffee recently installing a 10kg coffee roaster at 3 Ravens, and the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (M.I.C.E) on the horizon, it was the perfect opportunity to bring these two adored beverages together in one big celebration, Aviary owner Jason Ferris explained:

“We’ve had lots of conversations of the beer-meets-coffee variety. We’ve been tinkering with some interesting beer and coffee combos and we know that there’s so many possibilities, from the usual stouts and porters to the completely unexpected.”

3 Ravens brewery manager, Nathan Liascos, added:

“Fruit, acid and funk are commonly talked about in beer and they’re also a big part of coffee language. We’re hoping for a wide variety of brews so punters can experience what’s possible when beer and coffee come together.”

The guys have been busy putting together a great line-up of local brewers and roasters for the event. On beer we have breweries: 3 Ravens, Tallboy & Moose, Sailors Grave, Hop Nation, Temple Brewing, Blackman’s Brewery. On coffee we have roasters: Aviary, Small Batch, DC, Red Bean, Wide Open Road, Cartel.

“There will be no restrictions on the collaborations, so expect anything from a shot of cold brew into a glass of beer, boilermaker style through to some really out there brews such as a Cascara Berliner Weisse.” Liascos states.

The fun starts at midday and the all inclusive tickets, priced at about $60 are available via Eventbrite.

Beer and Coffee Festival
Sunday 2 April 2017
Midday – 5pm
3 Ravens Brewery
1 Theobald St, Thornbury