Little Ravens Tripel

Little Ravens Tripel

Little Ravens Tripel

9% ABV | 32 IBU | 330ML

Brewed to celebrate Belgian National Day 2017, this strong Belgian-style Abbey Tripel is inspired by a famous Canadian-brewed example of the style and showcases their distinctive house yeast strain.

Tripel fermentation featuring yeast sourced from one of our favourite exponents of the style in Quebec, Canada.

Expect a soft maltiness reminiscent of fresh baked bread, spicy and herbal hop notes and a floral yeast character with complex fruit (pear, banana, apricot) and spice (pepper, clove, allspice).

A smooth, creamy palate and mousey carbonation leading into a dry finish with refreshing acidity, alcohol warmth and a balancing bitterness.


On Premise
Belgian Beer Cafe
Bar Josephine
The Terminus Fitzroy
Amber Craft Beer Bar

Off Premise
Blackhearts and Sparrows
Carwyn Cellars
Grape n Grain
Slow Beer Fitzroy
Slow Beer Richmond