Juice Wars between Hop Nation and 3 Ravens

Juice Wars – Intergalactic IPA Battle

An Intergalactic IPA battle between Hop Nation & 3 Ravens
27 January at 12:00–22:00

A short time from now, in a Galaxy not so far from where Galaxy is grown, two Australian progenitors of the milky IPA formed a Juicy Alliance to produce Clones of the same beer.

Designed to bring balance to the Juice Force, the collaboration mashes up highly classified recipes from 3 Ravens and Hop Nation to produce twin beers with the same genetic makeup but raised in different fermenters with different yeasty parents.

This summer, in a world-first Ozploitation double feature crossover, the siblings will be reunited – alongside 6 other IPA’s – while Australia’s biggest beer and music polls count down from 100 to 1.

Juice. Or Juice not. There is no clarity.

Bluebonnet Barbecue Food Truck
Ticketed IPA Masterclass & Lunch Session
GABS Hottest 100 Beers Countdown (12:30pm- 5pm)
JJJ Hottest 100 Countdown
Featuring Live Music from Beware! Black Holes at 6pm

Tap List Includes:
3 Ravens Juicy Jedi 6.5%
Hop Nation Jedi Juicy 6.1%
3 Ravens Juicy IPA 6%
3 Ravens IPA 5.8%
3 Ravens Little Ravens Imperial IPA 10%
3 Ravens Acid 3.5%
3 Ravens Thornbury Lager 4.9%
Hop Nation IPA
Hop Nation Jedi Juice 7%
Hop Nation The Chop 7%

Book in for the IPA Masterclass via https://3ravens.com.au/bookings/