’20/’21 is the Summer of Creamsicle!

’20/’21 is the Summer of Creamsicle!

Sound on! Can you dig it? The Summer of Creamsicle is underway with the first of four beer releases- Raspberry Lemonade Creamsicle.

What is a creamsicle? An ice cream popsicle! Still confused? It’s ice cream on a stick covered in frozen fruit juice. We’ve taken our Original Sour Beer “Acid”  and added milk sugar, french oak, vanilla and real fruit to formulate four fun, fruity and fantastic flavoured frothys inspired by nostalgic summer treats.

We’re launching a new Creamsicle flavour every month from September through till December 2020, and with each release, you’ll find a puzzle to solve. Submit your answer each month for a chance to win a frisbee, t-shirt and a 4 pack.

Sep prizes drawn Sep 30, Oct prizes drawn Oct 31, Nov prizes drawn Nov 30, Dec and major prize drawn Dec 21st

Enough already! Where can I buy these?

Find our stocklist list here.