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Dark Mass II – June 26th 2021

Free Event

We’ve never been ones to shy away from the dark.

Since the beginning of recorded history, the winter solstice has been one of the most significant events in all human cultures, marked by festivals and rituals, symbolising the death and rebirth of the sun, with themes of sacrifice, mourning, fertility and new beginnings all common threads.

The Old Norse calendar referred to mid winter as the “butchering month” – where the first sacrifice of winter was made and the harvest brought indoors. Many cultures would slaughter their livestock so as not to have to feed them through deep winter – making it almost the only time of year that meat was in plentiful supply. Beer and wine made over the harvest months would be finally fermented and ready for drinking. 

Yule, the precursor to Christmas, was a time for farmers to bring their bounty to the heathen temple, where it was customary for all to take part in the drinking of ale – including toasts to Odin, Njörðr and Freyr, the king and departed kinsfolk – to shower in the sacrificial blood of slaughtered livestock, and feast on the sacrificial meat.

Winter is also arguably Melbourne’s greatest season and one in which its unique spirit and rich cultural bounty shine.

The solstice this year falls on June 26th and to commemorate we’re throwing a party celebrating darkness and to raise money for the Melbourne City Mission.

Festivities will include dark beer on all of our taps, a midwinter feast, a ticketed beer masterclass with the brewers, dark art, dark music and the official launch of our 18% Barrel Aged Peated Imperial Oatmeal Stout 440ml cans.

More details to be announced soon…