Wild Ravens Hay, Hops & Horehound


A bitter and aromatic farmhouse ale brewed in collaboration with the legends at Woodstock Flour in NSW utilising grains, straw and weeds from their farm. Aggressively hopped with aged hops at five stages of the brewing process, then heavily dry hopped immediately prior to packaging with fresh, whole cone experimental Australian hop HPA-016.

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Hay, Hops & Horehound is a bitter farmhouse ale brewed with house-malted triticale, Ford wheat straw, Horehound (a very bitter weed) and hopped at 5 stages throughout brewing and fermentation with large quantities of aged hops. Horehound (a member of the mint family) lends a distinct herbal flavour (mint, licorice, root beer) as well as a pronounced bitterness and minerality. Generous use of aged hops and a Belgian yeast provide a complex array of flavour compounds which would continue to evolve during 15 months barrel maturation with our house mixed culture. After maturation, two barrels of this beer which displayed stone fruit (peach, apricot) and citrus (orange, lime) qualities beer was transfer out of barrels and on to 15g/l of freshly dried whole cone experimental Australian hop variety HPA-016 from Myrtleford in the north of Victoria which were bursting with passionfruit and mandarin. After a two week maceration, the beer was blended with a 10 month old un-hopped oat-driven, barrel fermented sour beer to soften the bitterness, improve mouthfeel, contribute a juicy acidity as well as complimentary spice (rosemary), oak (chardonnay-like), stone fruit (apricot) and citrus (lemon, lime).

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