Nat Rav – 2020 Bloody Shiraz Negroni


A blend of bitter, golden and red barrel-aged mixed ferment beers aged on gin-soaked red grape skins and orange zest. Inspired by the Negroni cocktail.

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Back in March (when Victorians were still allowed out in public) we were out in the Yarra Valley helping our mates at Payten & Jones pick chardonnay. The team from Four Pillars are always a mainstay of the picking party, and one of their staff asked half-jokingly why we hadn’t done a collaboration yet (to which he didn’t have an answer). A few weeks later we were picking up the spent shiraz skins used to make their latest vintage of Bloody Shiraz Gin – a sloe-gin inspired sweet gin macerated on fresh Yarra Valley Shiraz skins. We knew exactly what we need to do with these skins – make a Negroni

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1 x 750ml, 3 x 750ml Pack, 6 x 750ml Pack