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The Three Ravens 12 pack


‘Hugin’, ‘Munin’, ‘Jack’, a trio of beers designed to represent the three ravens of our origin story. All beers exclusive to 3 Ravens.

Hugin – 4 x 375ml 

Munin – 4 x 375ml

Jack – 4 x 375ml

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5% ABV
Hugin, the self proclaimed leader of the pack. He holds firm to tradition and nostalgia, our homage to the past.  Reminding us to look back to time honoured practice and knowledge to get things done. When the winter chill rolls in and times get tough he provides the comfort of a warm fireplace. Hugin has been looking through the archives here at 3 Ravens to bring back one of our most beloved fan favourites!⁠
Ingredients: Water, barley, hops, yeast.
6.66% ABV
Munin is the explorer of the 3 Ravens flock, passionate and fearless, not one to be contained. She loves nothing more than to seek out new experiences, looking forward to endless possibilities. A seeker of knowledge, she is a pioneer, an innovator, a dreamer. With the ever-evolving landscape of beer styles and raw materials, Munin’s brew looks to celebrate the decades of advancements that have been made in the pursuit of brewing excellence.
Ingredients: Water, barley, rice, sugar, hops, yeast.
3.5% ABV
While you’re not meant to have a favourite child, the Raven that we most identify with and celebrate here at 3 Ravens is the prankster – Jack. Jack takes an unorthodox view on anything and everything, questions authority and bucks tradition. They are the life of the party – striving to put a smile on everyone’s dial and to keep the good times rolling long into the evening. Jack loves a riddle and to keep you guessing, the beer we’ve brewed for them is much the same:

A transformation through and through. Hopped the wrong way, both sides too. A special blend known to survive, at a strength to keep you staying alive.

Ingredients: Water, barley, oats, wheat, hops, yeast.
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