Methode Ravens 2019


Barrel aged and blended mixed-culture beer

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Methode Ravens is an annual blend celebrating the evolution and expression of our house mixed culture. We embrace variation between years but always seek to champion the subtle and nuanced flavours created by yeast and bacteria in oak barrels over an extended period. The base for this beer was brewed in the winter of 2018 with German Ale malt, rolled oats and rolled rye, aged Tettnang hops with minimal bitterness, was fermented with a fruity English yeast strain and aged with our house culture in old wine barrels where it extracted a mild oak note and developed subtle hints of apple, pear and grape and a soft acidity. A quarter cask of an unboiled, barrel fermented wheat beer contributed a high level of lactic and acetic acid, and the second fill of a small solera project was blended in for horsey, leathery and sherbet-like wild yeast aromatics. Inspired by the great Lambic beers of Belgium, this batch was bottled with an extremely low level of carbonation, which will increase gradually if cellared for several years.

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