The Mythology

Inspired by norse mythology, 3 ravens tells the story of an unlikely trio: hugin, munin & jack. Hugin and munin were ravens loyal to the god odin who were sent on a quest to find the secret to human happiness. Jack, the third raven was sent by loki to rattle ’em with riddles. Like all great stories, they became great friends. The three ravens forming to combine sight, knowledge and creativity to concoct a magic potion is much like our own story: a group of friends—banding together in their thornbury basement—to create unique australian beers.

Our Story

It started off innocently enough as the name of a beer brewed specially for a wedding. But soon 3 Ravens took on a life of its own. In 2003, we commissioned a 300L nano brewery in a Thornbury warehouse, knocking out traditional European beers and putting them into a handful of nearby pubs.

Fast forward 18 years and we’re still brewing out of our Thornbury brewery (a little larger than the original brewhouse)  but now our focus is on championing local ingredients and developing a range of unique and exciting styles that reflect Australian culture. We pay respect to traditional ales while pushing boundaries to create our own, with influences and processes borrowed from old and new. We love to explore the world of flavour with innovation, creativity and fun being the heart and soul of everything we do. 

It’s been a wild ride along the way but we remain fiercely independent and are proud to say that we’re one of the pioneers of Australian craft beer and Melbourne’s Oldest Independent Brewery.

Green Statement

As brewers, it’s our responsibility to take care of the environment. Let’s face it: when craft beer is environmentally friendly, it tastes even better! Cheers!

Sustainable brewing is an absolute necessity for the future of the industry. Our aim is to go beyond ‘reduce, reuse and recycle,’ and explore innovative practices which can redefine the impact of brewing on the planet. 

This is why sustainable brewing comes hand in hand with renewable energy. Renewable energy (from solar or wind power) produces no greenhouse gases or polluting emissions and is also inexhaustible. At 3 Ravens we aim to establish a most efficient facility with respect to process quality and energy efficiency, whilst minimising harm and maximising community benefit through our operations. As part of our environmental and marketing strategies a move to significantly reduce emissions from brewing operations is already underway.

The Team

It all began as a small group of friends – banding together in a Thornbury basement - with the aim to create traditional European beers with a unique Australian twist. Today, we’re still a small team of passionate and unique individuals that like nothing more than producing and sharing delicious beers and having a whole bunch of fun whilst doing it. Together, we celebrate passion, hard work, good times and 3 Ravens’ potion for human happiness - great beer.

The Order

Our founding members have drunk us out of horns!

We’re now taking expressions of interest for the second round of Order Of Odin memberships. To register please email