Caw Range

Our regular flock of “drinking beers” are brewed for everyone to enjoy. Pale, hop forward and sessionable, our Tropical Pale Ale, Australian Pilsner and New World IPA celebrate local ingredients and are available year-round in 375ml cans and on tap.

Juicy Range

Boarding the haze plane back in 2016, we’re proud to have led the formation in Australia, boldly venturing into the cloudy skies of the unfiltered “New England” style IPA. Low in bitterness and high in fruit flavour with a smooth mouthfeel, we created our own twist on the style by utilising a locally grown hybrid grain Triticale and a unique blend of hops. Due to the inherently short shelf life of the style, Juicy is brewed only occasionally, must be kept cold at all times, and is best enjoyed within a few weeks of packaging. Available in cans and on tap, with one-off variations utilising different hops or fruity additions.

Acid Range

Formulated to go hand-in-hand with Aussie outdoor leisure activities, our fun family of bright, tropical and squelchy lactic-acid driven mid-strength beers are refreshing, hydrating, and highly sessionable. Tune in for seasonal variations featuring natural and nostalgic flavours.

Shake Range

“Shake” is a series dedicated to Milkshake IPA - an evolution of NEIPA, and an extension of our 2017 and 2018 GABS Festival beers: Mango Lassi IPA (inspired by the yoghurt drink) and Moussey Juicy (modelled on chocolate mousse). In essence, a Milkshake IPA is brewed with lactose (milk sugar) in combination with other sweet or fruity flavours - essentially anything you might find in a milkshake, smoothie, ice cream or donut.

Classic Range

The “heirloom” varieties of the 3 Ravens range are where it all began. Inspired by European brewing traditions but with a unique “twist”, our original lineup helped introduce Melbournians to flavoursome beer, and have a warm place in a lot of beer drinkers hearts. You’ll find our Black Oatmeal Stout now available most of the year and our iconic 55 American Pale Ale released each Spring. The rest of the classic range will be released on a more sporadic basis when we have tank space and might be feeling a little nostalgic.


Previously known as “Little Ravens”, our Nevermore series is an opportunity for us to experiment and explore the wild frontiers of beer. These beers will be brewed just once, as regularly as we can. Expect around 6-8 releases per annum.

Wild Ravens

Our wild, barrel aged and mixed fermentation series celebrates local and seasonal produce, is brewed in limited volumes and will be released (roughly 4 - 6 per year) as the beers reach optimal maturation. 

This series focus’ on Australian ingredients grown locally by Australian companies, including heritage and heirloom grain varieties and in-house malted grains. (Also hops, fruit, barrels, adjuncts, spices etc)


A sub-series of Wild Ravens (wild, barrel aged and mixed fermentation) products featuring local wine grapes, packaged in clear glass to celebrate colour and appeal to a modern, natural wine drinker. Colour will range from pale yellow/orange through to deep plum, and will always have sediment (cloudy when roused). Brewed in limited volumes and will be released (roughly 3 - 4 per year) as the beers reach optimal maturation. 

Nat Rav are the greatest beers of all-time, not just because of their flavour impact, but their societal impact as well, bolstering relations between beer and wine drinkers and facilitating contact with extraterrestrial life (including Martians).