We’re launching 3 exciting new Creamsicle flavours from September through till January 2022. There are bundles of cool prizes and heaps of ways to win.

What you can win!

Major PrizeMajor Prize

Major Prize

Major Prize

How to Win

With each release, you’ll find a puzzle to solve. Solve each puzzle for monthly prizes, or solve all three (in order) plus the final puzzle to enter the major prize draw.

We’ll be giving away prizes just for collecting the clues along the way. Solve the puzzle from each release and you’ll have the chance to win.

We’re inviting you to get creative, post a picture on Instagram, use the hashtags #3Ravens and #Summer­Of­Creamsicle to win one of our additional fun, summer themed prize packs.

Solve & Win

Passion Fruit Puzzle
Passion Fruit
Passion Fruit Puzzle
Passion Fruit Puzzle
Major Prize
Major Proze Puzzle
Draw Dates
Final entries close 28 February 2022.
Prize #1 drawn Oct 30 2021
Prize #2 drawn Dec 30 2021
Prize #3 drawn Feb 28 2022
Major Prize winner announced March 4 2022


Our Original Sour Beer “Acid” is formulated to go hand-in-hand with Aussie outdoor leisure activities. Our fun family of bright, tropical and squelchy lactic-acid driven mid-strength beers are refreshing, hydrating, and highly sessionable. Creamsicles are part of the Acid family and are our seasonal variations featuring natural and nostalgic flavours.